Good News, Everyone!

Farnsworth Good News Everyone

I haven’t written for a long time now (at least here – I was quite busy with axility.NET). But there are exciting news that very well might lead to future blog posts :)

Zanzibar / Tanzania

I go on holiday! On Friday! I fly to Zanzibar City and travel Tanzania (safari) and the island for three weeks! I’m looking forward to that trip very much and think I’ll be able to provide some interesting information about planning such a trip, the region and what happened there.
Afterwards – I won’t take any suitable device along.

Euro 2016

The European soccer championship aka UEFA Euro 2016 takes place in France this year. Germany (which is the team I Support, of course) qualified and plays against Ukraine, Poland and Northern Ireland in the group stages. My good friend Christopher and I applied for so-called Follow-My-Team tickets and we were favored by fortune! So we’re going to see not only those matches but also every match Germany qualifies for in the knock-out stages – hopefully until the grand final in Paris on July 10.

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