Tanzania / Zanzibar Impressions

Wow, it’s been more than two months already since I came back from my trip to Eastern Africa and still I didn’t accomplish reporting on it properly. Though I didn’t change my mind and want to do it – we’ll see. But I thought it might be a good idea to come up with some random highlight pictures (clicking on one of them will open a slideshow for you).

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Tunnel vision

Yesterday I took Cilla for a walk to the Höfinger Täle. It was pretty nice there and I was able to let her off the leash quite a lot. You need to be careful there though because some car drivers do use that small way as connection between Leonberg and Höfingen – against orders. The walk goes past the stream Glems and the railroad which lies elevated significantly. There are at least two tunnels underneath it for pedestrians and cyclists. We took a series of photos there.